365 Days Around The Sun With(out) You

365 days around the sun with(out) you You're here.........you are, Near but far, far away from me

I imagine your touch burning me I imagine your unfathomable soul caressing my cheekbones In the dead of night Lying beside me Gently Holding me

I imagine your softness coating me Engulfing me whole as I reach out with my soul To yours To be yours Wanting you to be mine

I'm thine, mi amor This heart? Not mine This mind? Divine, unaligned. You shine upon me like the moon

You aren't the moon But you're eyes are like stars in the sky I've longed to reach for. You form my huntress shape, My haunted drape transforms into beauty

My bow and arrow reaches for you And thus reaches for me too I pierce us with the countless spirits of lost souls that walk the earth I pierce us together, until only we remain In this domain

Two hearts entwined You smile Your soft cheeks in mine. I'm a coward, still scared of speaking the words out loud But you know You've always known

You can read my actions like I can read yours I need not speak while you breathe You need not answer while you listen to my bosom rise and fall Under your pressure Measure Thy soul with the palm of my hands And tell me I don't speak the truth

Do I not speak the truth? To love you so I've waited 365 days, To tell you so I've waited more Would you not believe me so if I spoke the truth?

Would your hands withdraw? Would your cheek? Will I reek of the rotten smell of the dead fish left far too long in the garbage bin? Will I perish?

I'm scared, you see And I think you know 365 days around the sun with(out) you But all I want is this The want of a touch The want of a caress The want of a hug The want of a kiss

Take away my fear And replace it with you, please Take me away With you, please.