Everybody MOOOOVEment - Memes and Eurodance in 2023

On July 28th, internet comedian Kyle Gordon (Twitter, Instagram) uploaded a short-form video on his social medias captioned “Every European Dance Song in the 1990s” featuring his DJ Crazy Times persona and fellow internet personality Audrey Trullinger lipsyncing and dancing along to a snippet of their yet-unreleased song Planet of the Bass. Even though Kyle is a semi-famous online comedian with a sizeable following, he probably didn't anticipate the song becoming a viral sensation almost overnight.

Within hours of posting, Kyle's video started to amass engagement on twitter (or X, the most divorced man on earth and deadnamer of his trans child wants you to call it) with people genuinely enjoying the song. A lot of twitter users commented on how the song, intended to be a parody of 90's – early 2000's Eurodance/Europop songs ended up being a great song and a homage to the genres.

If the readers are having trouble remembering what Eurodance is, it is the genre of bops like Barbie Girl by Aqua, Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65, and Around the World by ATC.

As the virality of the song spread in Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram; people started to comment on how the song works as a fun parody; with the video perfectly encapsulating the Europop MV aesthetic, down to the little mannerisms of the artists. The lyrics of the song perfectly imitates the rather incorrect English used in the song, written by people with little knowledge of the language, most evident in the catchy line “Women are my favourite guy”. The song snippet also features references to sex, technology, and world peace — another feature of the 90s Eurodance music.

People joked about how the song could start a revival of the Eurodance genre in modern pop music; as the genre is associated with the nostalgia of childhood and early teens for them. To relieve the nostalgia, fans of the song edited the snippet into anime trailers and OPs, reliving the early Youtube trend of making FMVs of anime characters and ships; while some made nightcore remixes.

Among the praise, memes about the nonsensical lyrics, a notice from Aqua, and fanarts of the artists in the video; the song became a hit among the online trans community as well. Trans people commented in jest about the line “Women are my favourite guy” is a thought-provoking lyric which is a profound commentary on the nebulous nature of gender and talked about how DJ Crazy Times' look in the video is “so gender”.

The hype around the song has led to Kyle preponing the release of the full song from August 22nd to August 15th. It is yet to be seen whether Planet of the Bass will be a chart topper in Europe and the token English song for all the mostly non-English radio stations across the world, but all we can do now is appreciate the juxtaposition of the lines “SEX, I'm wanting more” and “Tell the world, stop the war” and dance along.